IxD Factory Projects


This is a chronological list of completed and ongoing projects in the IxD Factory with links to project pages where. each project brief is briefly presented. The specific projects are described with links to project blogs where applicable.

User Experience and Service Design

MTech program, Jan – Feb 2011

The first project for the MTech students of 2011 focused on customer experiences and service design. Students identified places offering customer experiences – including a coffee shop, an upscale eatery as well as a bird park. An interaction design approach was applied to enhance the customer experience using digital technology.

Sleep Machine

BTech module, April 2011

In the 10 week BTech module on Interaction Design offered in second term 2011, the first task was to design a “sleep machine” – a device that not only wakes you up in the morning but also helps you to go to sleep at night. The students worked in groups, each designing a sleep machines for a specific individual in their social network. Based on interviews with this friend, a sleep machine was designed to fit his/her specific needs.

Storytelling for Social Change

MTech program, Mar – Apr 2011

In the second project, the MTech students engaged in cooperation with RLabs - the “Reconstructed Living lab” in Athlone. Combining the fields of social media and place-centric computing, the MTech students explored the use of digital storytelling to induce social change in the local community of Athlone.


Perception of Information: Enriching Location Specific Information Through the Use of Calm Computing

by Daryn Molenaar

MTech thesis project, May 2011 – Jan 2012

Daryn investigated the waiting experience of commuters at the MyCiti bus terminal at the Civic Centre in central Cape Town. Delayed arrivals and imrprecise information from bus conductors caused frustration among commuters. To address the problem, Daryn designed an ambient light display that informed the commuters about expected time until arrival in a calm and inobtrusive fashion.

The Visual Calculator – ICT Support for Co-Operation and Planning across Multiple Working Roles on a Small-scale Wine Estate in the Western Cape, South Africa

by Hester Claassen

MTech thesis project, May 2011 – April 2012

Hester explored ICT support for cooperation and planning on a small-scale wine farm. She applied ethnographic field methods to develop an understanding of the work practice. The results were fed into participatory design workshops where she facilitated the design of a cooperation and planning tool in close collaboration between three stakeholders: the farm owner, the farm manager and a foreman.